hell in a cell

Hell in a Cell is set to air live on the WWE Network this Sunday, and WWE is advertising a “triple main event” for the show.

Roman Reigns will defend his United States Championship, Kevin Owens will defend the Universal Championship against Seth Rollins and Sasha Banks will defend the Raw Women’s Championship against Charlotte. All three matches will take place inside the cell.

The stacked lineup has left many fans to wonder which match will be headlining the pay-per-view, and at this point it doesn’t seem like WWE has made a decision, hence the push with the “triple main event.”

Last week Raw General Manager Mick Foley told fans on Facebook that Sasha Banks and Charlotte “will main event” the pay-per-view. But Foley quickly changed his tune and he updated his status a few hours later. He changed his words to say that the ladies “are in a main event” and he has no idea which match will go on last.

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Sasha Banks and Charlotte are set to make history on Sunday with the first ever women’s Hell in a Cell match. It would seem to make sense to put them on last, but the WWE is clearly hesitant to do so.

So, which match should be the true main event at Hell in a Cell? Let’s take a look at the options.


The Case For Roman Reigns Vs. Rusev

Roman Reigns
via: WWE

Roman Reigns and Rusev have been feuding for months now, and they’ve definitely had one of the better feuds on Raw. This feud warrants a Hell in a Cell match, and it’s going to be fun to see it all go down on Sunday. But should this match be the main event?

This match will be full of power moves, and we’re probably going to see Roman Reigns spear Rusev through the cell. Both guys are going to bring a main event level intensity to the match, but this one’s probably better off somewhere in the middle of the card.

WWE made a good move when they took Roman Reigns out of the main event and put him in the US Title picture. Taking him out of the main event has also taken some of the pressure off of Roman, and the fans seem to be a little more willing to give him a chance to show them what he can do.

Roman Reigns has had a tough time trying to win the fans over, and the two year long main event push didn’t do him any favors. With this match Roman has a chance to do something that will get people talking, and it’s better that he’s allowed to do it without the pressure of a main event.


The Case For Kevin Owens Vs. Seth Rollins

seth rollins
via: WWE

Seth Rollins has been feuding with Kevin Owens for weeks now, but Owens isn’t the only one he’s feuding with. Nowadays if you cross Kevin Owens you have to deal with his BFF Chris Jericho, and Jericho has certainly been a thorn in Seth’s side as of late.

There’s no denying that this Rollins/Owens/Jericho feud has been entertaining, but through all of it there’s one thing that really seems to be getting ignored, and that’s the Universal Championship.

The Universal Championship was written off by many fans as soon as it was unveiled, and WWE hasn’t done much to change the negative perception of the title since its debut. It’s not even about the look, really you just have to get over it and move on, but the title just feels secondary to this entire storyline.

Is this match going to be entertaining? Yes. Should it be the main event? No.

The main title on each brand should always be featured in a top spot, but the Universal Championship just doesn’t feel important right now.

This match will do what it’s supposed to do which is advance the storyline with Jericho and Owens, and further establish Seth Rollins as a top face.


The Case For Sasha Banks Vs. Charlotte

sasha banks
via: WWE

Sasha Banks and Charlotte are going to make history on Sunday, and they’re going to do it in Sasha’s hometown of Boston, MA. Both ladies have been on fire these past few months and they’ve managed to keep their feud white hot. After months of back and forth, it’s all led to this, Hell in a Cell.

So, the question must be asked, should this match main event Hell in a Cell? The answer is yes.

Last year when Sasha Banks was on top of NXT as the Women’s Champion, she main evented NXT Takeover: Respect with Bayley and it was a huge deal at the time. Sasha and Bayley were the first two women to main event a NXT pay-per-view and they delivered with an awesome 30 minute Iron Man Match.

Leading up to the match there was so much hype about how Sasha and Bayley were making history. Because of the circumstances the match got a lot of people talking before it even happened.

Hindsight is always 20/20 in the world of wrestling, but it seems that WWE kind of dropped the ball this time around by not confirming this as the main event weeks ago. If WWE had confirmed it weeks ago they would have had a lot more time to create a buzz around the pay-per-view.

Over the past few years many of the women on the WWE roster have been talking about how they want to main event a pay-per-view, and this is WWE’s best chance to make it happen.

It just makes sense to do it now. Fans have been showing their support for the Women’s Revolution, it would be a history making moment, and we all know that Sasha and Bayley are going to pull out all the stops as they try to steal the show.

WWE has been presented with a golden opportunity to let the ladies do their thing in the main event on Sunday.

Will they make the most of this opportunity? Right now it’s unclear. Should they make the most of this opportunity? Yes.


Which match would you like to see main event Hell in a Cell on Sunday? Sound off in the comments below.