When you’re a mother-to-be like Maryse you need to take into consideration a lot of things are about to change. After all, the It Couple might think they’re ready to bring a child into the world. But in the end, every parent is met with at least a couple unexpected events.

Maryse is currently at home taking it easy while she cooks up a new generation of Mizanins. While she’s waiting at home for her husband to return home, she had to do something in order to keep herself entertained.

There is no shortage of selfies from Maryse floating around online. She is kind of a pro at it by now. But one recent selfie posted to Instagram has gotten a pretty good amount of attention because Maryse was sporting a much shorter haircut.

This new hairstyle might not scream “I’m ready to be a mother” but it’s certainly a start. As long as she doesn’t show up to her future child’s first day of school wearing a skin-tight latex outfit she’ll be doing just fine. Then again if she did that, Maryse would be a hit with all of the single dads in the class… and most of the ones who are married too.

She proudly announced she had short hair and doesn’t care. It’s a really good look for her while she takes some time off the road. But in all honesty, it’s uncertain if Maryse will ever return to WWE television after the birth of her child.

The last couple of years have been pretty good to The Miz and Maryse and it looks like their lives are about the change for the better once again. So even if she doesn’t rejoin her husband on Raw as part of the Miztourage, at least the most recent run alongside her husband has been pretty awesome.


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