Earlier this year Bruce Prichard declared that TNA was dead, and the company would be known as Impact Wrestling. Then Impact Wrestling declared that Impact Wrestling was dead, and the company would be known as Global Force Wrestling. Then Jeff Jarrett took an indefinite leave of absence, and the company quietly started using the Impact Wrestling name again.

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The whole situation has been somewhat confusing for fans, and the company has only made things more confusing by using current WWE stars to promote the GFW Amped anthology series. Prior to Jeff Jarrett’s TNA return, he launched Global Force Wrestling as a completely separate brand, and taped several episodes of Amped in hopes that the show would get picked up by a TV network.

Unfortunately for Jeff, the show never found a home, so when Impact announced plans to merge with GFW, the Amped footage was put together in an anthology series and sent to pay-per-view.

The problem is that the footage was shot a few years ago, and it features current WWE stars such as The Singh Brothers, Curt Hawkins, Bobby Roode and more.

Company officials have been pushing video clips of the current WWE stars to fans as a way to promote the anthology series, and the most recent video features Shelton Benjamin. Check it out below.

According to the tweet, the next episode of the anthology series will premiere on pay-per-view next Friday, but if you don’t want to wait that long to see Shelton Benjamin wrestle you can always tune in to SmackDown Live.