LA Knight has been on the main roster for some time now and there’s no denying that he’s become one of the most popular stars on SmackDown. There are plenty of fans who are waiting for WWE to push LA Knight and it sounds like some opportunities could be coming his way in the future.

PWInsider is reporting that internally LA Knight is being praised for getting himself over and breaking the mold in terms of what was given to him creatively then going on to become an even stronger character than what the company had planned for him. One person even compared his brief run as Max Dupri to Steve Austin’s run as the Ringmaster in the sense that it lit a fire under him which caused him to over-excel.

It’s being reported that there are plans for LA Knight in the future, but the company wants the timing to be right. Knight is in line for a push and WWE is just waiting for “the right moment in time” to move forward. The idea right now is to use him in ways that won’t waste his appearances.

LA Knight’s recent merchandise sales are seen as evidence that he is on the rise, and the same goes for his pops in non-televised segments, including the dark segment he was a part of during the SmackDown taping at Madison Square Garden.