This week on AEW Collision, Bryan Danielson cut a promo where he said that he told his daughter he would start finishing up his career when she turns seven, and she’s six right now. Bryan said that he intends to keep his promise, so time is running out.

Sports Illustrated is reporting that multiple people close to the situation have confirmed that Bryan Danielson will be stepping away from full-time wrestling within the next year. However, Bryan Danielson may continue to work with AEW as a special attraction.

Bryan’s announce about his future wasn’t the only thing that got people talking on Saturday night as he also challenged Zack Sabre Jr. to a match at the AEW Wrestle Dream pay-per-view next month in Seattle.

Even though time is running out for Bryan Danielson’s run as a full-time wrestling he’s still expected to be part of AEW for the foreseeable future. Danielson has been helping with creative for AEW and during a recent Q&A with The Hollywood Reporter, Tony Khan noted that Bryan Danielson would be his pick to run an AEW show if something were to happen to him.

“He hasn’t been around as much lately, because he’s been recovering from an injury. But if I got hit by a bus, or if I was ever incapacitated for some reason, the person I told my father that he should turn to is Bryan Danielson.”