AEW has signed a number of talented wrestlers over the last few years and Sonny Kiss joined up with the company early on. However, Sonny’s contract with the company recently expired which means that Sonny Kiss is now a free agent.

Recently the AEW departure was addressed by Sonny Kiss when the following statement was issued on social media:

“4 years of living my dream, traveling, making everlasting friendships, working with my childhood heroes, growing into the human I’ve become right before everyone’s eyes, and of course, being part of some historical events with groundbreaking wrestling promotion: All Elite Wrestling (AEW). I have made quite a few mistakes along the way. But I also have learned some valuable lessons, too. I am incredibly grateful for it all. In December, l’ll be 30 years old with 10 years of wrestling under my belt. The fun part is: I haven’t nearly touched the surface of what I am capable of. I knew my journey in pro wrestling would not be an easy one, regardless of my talents. The best part of it all is that I showed people like me that anything is possible when you’re working your a** off for it. It may not come easy, but it WILL come. Sometimes you have to fall all the way down to reignite that fiery passion again. So, now what? I’m the Concrete Rose, Sonny Kiss and I am a free agent. I am SO ready for this next chapter. Let’s continue to break those barriers down, shatter those glass ceilings, and make S**t happen!

Where to next?

XO, Sonny”

Even though Sonny Kiss is done with AEW for now it seems that a return is not out of the cards. Following the All Out pay-per-view Tony Khan confirmed he did not renew Sonny’s contract, but noted that there’s a chance Sonny Kiss could be brought back someday.

“I really like Sonny Kiss. I think Sonny Kiss could certainly be back, potentially too. We’ve seen wrestlers go on, do exciting stuff, and comeback like Stu Grayson, for example. So you never know what the future holds for Sonny Kiss or AEW. I think Sonny Kiss has a lot of talent and I wish him the best as a wrestler and still really hold Sonny in high regard. It’s true that I did not renew that contract, but not because I don’t like Sonny. Because I book all the matches and do all the paperwork and put everything down on paper. I like Sonny a lot. Every opportunity Sonny has had, I’ve put thought into it and put it together.”