The WWE Night of Champions premium live event took place from Saudi Arabia on Saturday, and several titles were on the line throughout the show. Bianca Belair previously defended the Raw Women’s Championship against Asuka at WrestleMania 39 last month, and she defended the belt against Asuka in a rematch on Saturday.

For the most part the fans in attendance seemed to be pro-Asuka as they cheered for the challenger. Asuka tried to hit Bianca Belair with the mist at one point, but Bianca Belair was able to dodge it. The Empress of Tomorrow then put Belair in an armbar which Bianca countered when she picked Asuka up and slammed her to the mat.

Asuka was on the ropes and she smiled as she spit the mist onto her hand. Bianca Belair then picked up Asuka to put her in the KOD and Asuka rubbed the mist on Bianca’s eyes while she was on her shoulders. Asuka then kicked Bianca Belair in the head twice and pinned her to win the Raw Women’s Championship.

After the match Bianca Belair panicked as she sold the pain from the mist in her eyes while Asuka celebrated in the ring.