Last month Seth Rollins won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Night of Champions premium live event, and he defended the belt for the first time on Monday Night Raw this week.

Seth Rollins defended the belt against Damian Priest in the main event, but earlier in the night they met face to face in the middle of the ring. Rollins told Damian Priest to face him without The Judgment Day at ringside, and even though Finn Balor objected Damian Priest agreed to Seth’s request.

Finn Balor ended up interfering during the main event anyway, and Damian Priest questioned why Balor was out there. Rollins capitalized off the distraction and managed to get the victory and had a stare down with Balor at the end of the show.

After Monday Night Raw went off the air Seth Rollins got on the mic and told Damian Priest to be a man and shake his hand. Priest then made his way back to the ring and hesitated at first, but eventually shook Seth’s hand much to the delight of the Hartford crowd.

The show of respect between Priest and Rollins as well as the tension between Priest and Balor seem to be hinting at a potential babyface turn for Damian Priest. It seems that WWE officials are high on Damian Priest following his match with Bad Bunny at Backlash last month as it was reported that he is viewed as a “top level player” following the premium live event.