There have been a few well-known names to leave AAA recently. The Mexican promotion also owns a part of Lucha Underground which airs on the El Rey Network has a lot of big international stars on its roster. However, AAA has seen an influx of people leaving the company recently who are still involved in Lucha Underground. It’s become a tricky situation, to say the least.

Konnan was one of those stars who left AAA. He started running The Crash Luchas and has hosted some pretty good events during his time there. The Broken Hardys even showed up at that Tijuana show with the blurry-faced referee and competed there. Konnan is now showing up on Impact Wrestling as part of LAX so he’s in direct competition with Lucha Underground too.

Eric Van Wagenen, executive producer of Lucha Underground recently said in an interview any of the individuals that recently left AAA were more than welcome to come back to LU whenever they get around to filming their fourth season.

However, some of that seemingly warm offer might not be so good after all, especially if you’re Penta 0M. The former Pentagon Jr. was told that he could come back to Lucha Underground but his deal would be less than stellar.

Even though he was promised he’d be used as a main event star, Penta 0M was offered a contract of only $1,500 per match. There were also restrictions on his contract saying he wouldn’t be allowed to work with Impact Wrestling, CMLL, The Crash or any other wrestling promotion that has anything to do with Konnan.

Yes, Konnan has obviously left a bad taste in Lucha Underground’s mouth. For Lucha Underground to explicitly say Penta 0M wouldn’t be allowed to work with Konnan at all is a seemingly aggressive maneuver.

The Observer notes that this anti-Konnan kind of contract might become standard practice to other LU stars who are also working with The Crash like Sexy Star, Fenix, Jeff Cobb, Brian Cage, Melissa Santos and others.

Sexy Star is apparently leaving professional wrestling altogether though. She’s starting a full-time boxing career and has already declared her first opponent. She will be facing Taneli Hernandez who has a boxing record of 6-16.

Sexy Star unmasked herself on July 2016 at a boxing event in Mexico City and said she will be starting a professional boxing career. Therefore, a lot of people saw this coming from the former Lucha Underground Champion.

But, pro wrestling is a complicated business because Impact Wrestling has also just signed a partnership with AAA. IW announced AAA talent will appear at their Slammiversary pay-per-view in July and in return a few Impact talents will be headed to AAA. However, those under contract with Lucha Underground won’t be able to use the same name they use in LU if they appear on Impact Wrestling.

If these wrestlers are going to work for Impact under a different name than they’re known by, it would cut their gimmick’s legs out from under them.

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