Chris Jericho is a staple of WWE at this point but just like Wyclef Jean, it looks like he’ll be gone till November. Y2J’s career really has been remarkable in the ring. Behind the scenes, he continued to prove why people call him the Aotollya of Rock n Rolla.

Y2J took a break from WWE earlier this year in order to tour with his band Fozzy this summer. Long story short, they’ve done very well for themselves.

The music video for Fozzy’s hit “Judas” has become a viral sensation on YouTube and they’ve been rocking out to screaming fans for the entire summer of their tour.

A lot of people were really wanting Chris Jericho to come back to WWE soon. He was left laid out via a DDT on the entrance ramp that might have been a tribute to two past legends. We’re sure when he does come back Chris is going to have some words for Kevin.

Fozzy’s tour did so well it looks like they’re extending their time on the road. Chris Jericho is used to making towns and entertaining fans all over the world. It just appears he’ll be rocking and rolling instead of slapping on the Walls Of Jericho for a little bit longer.

Fozzy’s European tour looks like it will wrap up on November 18th. But that will still give plenty of time for Jericho to rest up for the Royal Rumble (fingers crossed).

Sasha Banks was recently doing a promotional tour in New Zealand and Austrailia to hype the upcoming WWE tour in September. While she was there she was able to do a whole lot more than explaining how any guy who boos Roman Reigns is just jealous of him.

While in Austrailia Sasha Banks stumbled across some street art by an artist called Maha in Melbourne, Australia’s Hosier Lane. The subject of the painting was very familiar, to say the least.

Sasha was obviously happy to snap a picture next to this awesome piece of street art. It had to be flattering although Sasha has had people name their babies after her in the past, this is still a pretty sick tribute.