sasna banks

WWE Superstars have a lot of pressure on them, they are beloved by millions and always have a watchful eye on them. Sasha Banks is probably used to this kind of pressure, but all of that compounds ten-fold when you find out that someone named their baby after you, we’re sure of that.

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The Boss recently had an adoring fan send her a picture of his new daughter wearing a Sasha Banks onesie. That’s not the interesting part though, because we’ve all seen babies before.

But, how many babies have we seen that were named after Sasha Banks herself?

That sure is a lot of pressure as well as a great honor. Sasha replied in a way that was suitable for the situation as she was understandably at a loss for words.

We wonder how the proud parents would feel if they found out Sasha’s real first name is Mercedes.

WWE’s red team has been running through Germany recently and they’ve had a wonderful time in the process. The fans have been excited, the arenas have been packed, and the action has been intense.

Bayley recently tweeted out a few pictures of the past few days on the tour.

The picture we enjoyed the most was the one of her with a dog that isn’t a German Shepherd.

Then again, isn’t every dog in Germany technically a German? So it’s a German Retriever, that’s a new one.