Lana is a WWE Superstar and she also happens to be the wife of Rusev. The happy couple have also been an on screen duo for quite a few years now, but Rusev is currently out of action recovering from an injury.

While Rusev is recovering, Lana has been spending time training down at the WWE Performance Center, and she recently told TV Insider that she has a few names in mind when it comes to dream opponents.

“Stephanie McMahon is one of my dream matches, but I have a lot of dreams,” Lana said. “Charlotte, Bayley, Trinity, Becky [Lynch], all the girls. The Bella Twins. If both came back. I feel like everyone has something different to bring to the table. Maybe some people can do more flips or some are stronger or some are a little bit faster or some have an intriguing character to pull from. I think they all have so much to offer.”

Lana and Rusev are currently on Raw, but with the WWE Superstar Shake-up coming next week there’s no telling where they might end up. Lana also commented on a possible move to SmackDown Live, and she praised the blue brand while noting that she wants to be a champion someday.

“You see how I react to it. It’s hard for me to say because I love Raw and the people I work with,” Lana said. “I think SmackDown Live is an incredible show. I think the way they have built the characters has been great. They utilize everyone and have put all the women into compelling stories. It would be an honor to go to SmackDown, too. I’m working hard because one of these days I will go for a championship.”

Do you think Lana has what it takes to be a WWE Women’s Champion? Which brand would you rather see her on, Raw or SmackDown Live? Sound off in the comments below.