kurt angle

Last week WWE announced that Kurt Angle will be headlining the 2017 Hall of Fame class, and as soon as the announcement was made fans immediately started talking about who they want to see Kurt Angle face in the WWE.

Earlier this week Kurt Angle was pulled from the 5 Star Wrestling event which he was set to do commentary for on Saturday, the night before the Royal Rumble. The fact that Kurt was pulled from an event that takes place the day before the Royal Rumble led to a lot of speculation that we could see Kurt make an appearance at the event. However, Kurt recently spoke to TMZ, and according to the former World Champion, it’s not going to happen.

“The Royal Rumble is not gonna happen. I haven’t talked to WWE about anything after the WWE Hall of Fame. I’m sure they’re gonna want to do something eventually, I don’t know if it’s wrestling related or not. I would imagine that I will be attached to WWE most likely for the rest of my life. There aren’t any clues or anything that has led me to that, I just believe this is the start of our new relationship, and we’re only focusing on the Hall of Fame.”

Although Angle says there are no plans in place for him to wrestle in a WWE ring anytime soon, he says he’s open to the idea of wrestling another match.

“Possibly. We really didn’t talk about it, so I can’t tell you at this moment, but I can say anything is possible in that company. It’s not out of the question, but right now they have not said anything to me.”

Kurt was also asked about Hulk Hogan’s WWE status, and he said that he believes Hulk Hogan deserves another chance. He praised Hogan for helping wrestling break through into the mainstream, and he added that he’s never heard Hogan say one negative thing about anybody.