Drew Galloway recently announced that 5 Star Wrestling would be airing a show on Spike TV in the UK from the Dundee Ice Arena in Dundee Scottland on January 28th. Kurt Angle was set to be a part of the event, but according to 5 Star Wrestling he has been pulled. 5 Star Wrestling released a statement saying that they received a call from Kurt Angle’s management team which confirmed Kurt will not be doing commentary for the show this weekend.

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If you’re a wrestling fan then you’re probably well aware that the Royal Rumble is set to take place on Sunday, one day after the 5 Star Wrestling event Kurt was booked for. Kurt has said publicly that as of right now there are no plans for him to wrestle in a WWE ring again, but the fact that he’s been pulled from an independent event, which was set to take place the night before the Royal Rumble, will surely get people talking.

5 Star Wrestling posted the following statement:

At 16:04 today I received a call from Kurt Angle’s management team confirming the rumours that Kurt will not be commentating on the debut episode of Dominant Wrestling, which airs live on Spike TV at 8pm this Saturday, from the Dundee Ice Arena.

It’s a shame but we would like to congratulate Kurt on his Hall of Fame appointment.

Losing a star as respected as Kurt is obviously a blow to us but fortunately he was booked as a commentator rather than a wrestler so it’s not like this will make much of a difference to this historic event.

Fans at the Dundee Ice Arena and indeed around the UK, will still get to witness John Morrison issuing an open challenge for his 5 Star Championship and with megastars such as Rey Mysterio, Drew Galloway, Carlito, PJ Black, Nick Aldis and Moose on the show, anything can happen.

Greg Lambert, with his encyclopaedic knowledge of wrestling will still lead the broadcast team as planned.