kurt angle

Former WWE and TNA World Champion Kurt Angle recently called in to the Dan Le Batard show for a candid interview, and he opened up about his problems with addiction. During the interview Angle revealed that at the height of his problems with addiction, he was taking 65 extra-strength Vicodin pills a day.

Kurt Angle noted that he left WWE in 2006 because they wanted him to work a full-time schedule. The former Olympian then talked about his TNA run and what led to him getting so many DUIs.

“The thing is, everybody drank down there [in TNA]. So I started drinking with my meds. And then I started manipulating my meds. I would save all of them until the evening, and drink it with alcohol. And it got me in a lot of trouble — four DUIs in five years.”

Angle has been sober for 3 years now, and his last rehab stint was in 2013 when he checked into a facility for 30 days.

“It was the worst seven days of my life as well. I went through detox again. That time it stuck. You can’t do anything; you can’t think; you’re in constant pain; your body’s shaking. You don’t wanna eat; you don’t wanna do anything; you feel like you’re gonna die. It’s the worst pain you’ve ever had in your life. And I went through it twice.”

You can read more about Kurt Angle’s recovery by checking out the full interview here.