Kenny Omega is considered by many to be one of the best wrestlers in the world, and during his time as an active competitor people often said the same thing about Kurt Angle. It seems that Kenny Omega is a major fan of Kurt Angle as he recently made it clear during a Twitch stream that the former WWE Champion is his favorite wrestler.

“I do think that Kurt Angle is the greatest – I can’t even say just in-ring, for me he’s the most complete wrestler of all time. He’s my favorite. He’s my go-to guy to study, for me being an athletic guy that wants to be able to mesh well and complement every wrestling style.

But also not – I’m also, of course, anyone who’s familiar with me here in chat, I’m not afraid to embarrass myself or do silly things. And that’s what I loved a lot about what Kurt did on TV.”

Kurt Angle has previously said that Kenny Omega was one of his dream matches, and he showed respect for Omega when he posted the following response:

“Much respect Kenny. Hope to meet you one day!!”

Unfortunately it seems unlikely that we will ever see a Kurt Angle vs. Kenny Omega dream match as Angle retired after he was defeated by Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35. Kenny Omega is currently out of action due to diverticulitis and there’s no word on when he could potentially return to the ring.