Following WrestleMania 38 a new character known as Ezekiel debuted and he claimed to be the brother of Elias. The gimmick quickly caught on as Ezekiel became one of the most talked about characters in WWE.

Elias parted ways with WWE back in September of 2023, and he’s currently using the name Elijah. During a For The Love of Wrestling event Elijah noted that fans still ask about Ezekiel then he shared an update on the status of Zeke.

“That’s everybody’s main concern, it seems. For everybody out there, he’s still recovering, we’re still hoping for a solid recovery one of these days and I know in his heart he’d love to be back out there in front of all the fans that fell in love with Zeke, but in the meantime, he’s in recovery.”

Ezekiel was written off TV in the summer of 2022, but Elijah also talked about how the Ezekiel character came together in the first place, and you can get more on that here.