kurt angle

Kurt Angle parted ways with TNA earlier this year, and since then Angle has made it clear that he hopes to return to WWE in the future.

The latest on Kurt Angle according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is that the former World Champion has been telling promoters that he won’t be doing any more indie dates because he’s going to WWE in April. It was also noted that this isn’t the first time that this Kurt Angle rumor has made the rounds, so take it for what it’s worth right now.

Kurt Angle still has one match booked with Alberto Del Rio, and another match with Cody Rhodes before he finishes up his dates on the independent scene.

The Observer also reports that TNA is looking to do house shows once again in 2017. The plan right now is for TNA to do a multi-show tour of India sometime in the summer. Dixie Carter reportedly suggested that the company do 12 weeks of tapings in India with the idea that it would be cost effective, but her idea was shut down.

As far as TNA’s ownership situation goes, PWInsider is reporting that Anthem will likely be officially announced as the new owners of TNA on January 1st. Jeff Jarrett is also said to be having discussions with Anthem, but at this point there’s no indication that the two parties will make any sort of deal regarding Jarrett’s potential return to the company.