According to former WCW superstar Konnan CM Punk and AJ Lee are currently dating. Speculation and rumors have been flying around after Punk and AJ were spotted together at Wrigley Field. It’s been said that CM Punk even went so far as to block users on twitter who mentioned AJ Lee in messages to him.


Konnan says he has a source within WWE that confirmed AJ and CM Punk are indeed dating. “I would also to say that I found that AJ Lee is dating CM Punk, I don’t know if that’s public knowledge.” He explainxed during a MLW Radio podcast. Obviously is this does end up being true it would mean that CM Punk and Lita are no longer an item.

Konnan then goes on to say that CM Punk has a “big head.”

“To me, it’s like, alright, you waited all this time to become a big star, and all those guys that had a big head, that you hated, like Cena,” said Konnan. “And now you have a big head. You need to bring your s**t down back to ground.”

He then added, “I was told by my source in WWE that CM Punk has a big head and he’s conceited.”