Bound For Glory 2013 Results

Jeremy Borash was backstage with the four teams involved in the Gauntlet. Bad Influence will start the match against Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez.

* Bro Mans were hanging out backstage with Mr. Olympia Phil Heath and said they would “bro it up” after their win tonight.

* There was a new backstage announcer named Gilbert Corsey. He interviewed Bad Influence about the Gauntlet match.

* Footage aired from last night’s TNA Hall of Fame ceremony honoring Kurt Angle. The other members of the Main Event Mafia (Samoa Joe, Magnus and Sting) were shown giving speeches before Angle stepped up to the podium and thanked his supporters.

* The Mafia were shown in their locker room preparing for the PPV. Samoa Joe gave a pep talk to Sting and Magnus about tonight being their night and that the Aces & Eights were on the cusp of destruction. Kurt Angle walked in and they wished him luck in his match with Bobby Roode.

* Bad Influence defeated Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Daniels rolled up Chavo for the pin after Chavo got knocked off the top rope by Kazarian.

* Joseph Park and Eric Young defeated Bad Influence. EY pinned Daniels after a Samoan Drop from Park. Bad Influence attacked Park and EY following the loss. Park was injured (bleeding from the mouth) and escorted to the back.

* Bro Mans defeated Eric Young in a handicap match. Robbie pinned EY after a double team Hart Attack to become the #1 contenders to the World Tag Team Titles.

* Eric Young was backstage looking for Joseph Park. He opened a door and then told the camera man to step back as Park was supposedly in Abyss mode.

* Bully Ray came out and said tonight is about the resurrection of the Aces & Eights. Bully said he is bound for greatness while AJ Styles is bound for embarrassment.

* Dixie Carter approached Bully backstage and asked if tonight will be AJ’s last night in TNA. Bully laughed and walked off.

Bound For Glory Live Results

* Chris Sabin defeated Jeff Hardy, Austin Aries, Samoa Joe and Manik in an Ultimate X match to become the NEW X Division Champion. Hardy brought a ladder into the match. Sabin threw Velvet Sky in the ring as a distraction and then climbed the ladder to retrieve the title.

* Bad Influence came out and complained about their loss in the pre-show. They proposed that since TNA likes to do swerves, they should be included in the tag title match tonight. Eric Young interrupted and warned that they created a monster. Bad Influence beat down EY, until Abyss returned and cleaned house. Abyss helped EY to his feet and then posed for the crowd.

* Bro Mans (w/ Phil Heath) defeated James Storm and Gunner to become the NEW World Tag Team Champions. Robbie pinned Storm after a double team Hart Attack.

* Jeremy Borash was in the ring and introduced “The Icon” Sting. Kurt Angle came out for his official Hall of Fame induction. Sting presented Angle with a watch and the crowd chanted “You deserve it.” However, Angle surprisingly turned down his induction because he let his family and peers down. Angle talked about setting a new standard for himself and told Sting that when he’s worthy, he will join Sting in the Hall of Fame someday.

* Backstage, Dixie Carter was talking on the phone and told the caller that since this will be AJ Styles’ last night in TNA, they should sell all of his merchandise. Ethan Carter III came up to Dixie. She told him that she handpicked his opponent tonight but it won’t be easy. The Carter family motto is: “The world needs us, we’re the Carters.”

* Gail Kim defeated Brooke and ODB in a triple threat match to become the NEW Knockouts Champion. Lei’D Tapa came out and powerbombed Brooke while the referee was knocked down. Gail took advantage and pinned Brooke for the win. After the match, it was revealed that Tapa is aligned with Gail.

* Bobby Roode defeated Kurt Angle. Roode scored the pin after Angle landed hard from an Angle Slam off the top rope. Angle was going to be stretchered out, but he was able to leave on his accord. Awesome match!

* Backstage, Bully Ray was talking to some unknown guys off camera about the resurrection of the Aces & Eights. Bully ended by saying “You never walk alone.”

* Ethan Carter III defeated a local San Diego wrestler named Norv Fernum. EC3’s finishing move was a headlock driver.

* Magnus defeated Sting with the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf. The two shook hands after the match, although Magnus acted a bit cocky about his victory.

* AJ Styles defeated Bully Ray in a No DQ match to become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. Knux and Garett Bischoff got involved at one point. AJ missed a springboard 450 splash through a table on the outside. Bully cut through the ring mat to expose the wooden boards while the crowd chanted “ECW.” Dixie Carter came out and watched from the ramp. AJ hit the Spiral Tap on Bully for the pin. Very stiff and chaotic match!