kevin owens

Kevin Owens got a lot of people talking this week on SmackDown Live when he cut a promo ripping on Shane McMahon for taking TV time away from the wrestlers on the roster.

Owens also made a statement at the end of the show when he hit the one and only Shane McMahon with the Stunner.

The former Universal Champion certainly seems to have momentum on his side right now, but a fan who was in attendance for SmackDown Live last night was disappointed to see that KO’s shirts weren’t being sold at the merchandise stands.

Kevin Owens took to Twitter to explain why WWE isn’t selling his shirts when he posted the following:

“It’s simply a supply and demand situation.

Nobody has been asking for them because I’ve been coasting for the last year and half trying not to piss anybody off so they don’t bring them to the shows.

I’m done with that. Make enough noise and they will have to listen.”

It looks like Kevin Owens is more motivated than ever, so it will be interesting to see how he’s booked in the weeks to come.