The WWE 24/7 Title was introduced not too long ago, and for the majority of the belt’s existence R-Truth has been involved with the title picture in some form.

The 8 time WWE 24/7 Champion recently spoke to Yahoo Sports about the belt, and he noted that he had his eyes on it as soon as it was introduced.

“From day one when they introduced it to us I had my eyes set on it and wanting to take the title to the level that it is at now and beyond. The title is getting to be known very well, I’m glad I get to be a part of it.”

R-Truth went on to say that talents who are involved with the 24/7 Title have been coming up with their own ideas, and he also noted that the company is taking notice.

“Guys like Drake Maverick, Jinder Mahal, EC3, these guys came up with their own gimmick with regard to the title. Drake Maverick came up with the poster idea on his own, he took that leap. The company takes notice of that. When the opportunity is there, you have to let your creative juices start flowing and reach and grab for it.”

As of this writing Drake Maverick is the current 24/7 Champion, but by the time you read this that could have changed. It is the 24/7 Title after all.