AJ Styles and John Cena put on one heck of a match in San Antonio, TX on Sunday night. Cena and Styles pulled out all the stops, but in the end it was Cena who came out on top when he won his 16th WWE World Title. Regardless of how some people might feel about the finish, most fans seem to agree that the match exceeded all expectations.

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Of course here in the land of the internet people can’t just enjoy something for what it is, because controversy is king. Shortly after the Royal Rumble pay-per-view ended, Kazuchika Okada took to Twitter to let fans know that he thinks his match with Kenny Omega at Wrestle Kingdom 11 was superior to AJ’s match with Cena at the Royal Rumble.

Kenny Omega decided to join the conversation by saying that the two matches really can’t be compared, but he didn’t stop there. Omega went on to say that he could easily have AJ Styles and John Cena’s best match if he were in WWE.

Of course it doesn’t sound like we’ll be seeing Kenny Omega in WWE anytime soon, as he recently revealed that he plans to sign a new deal with NJPW.

A fan then decided to take a shot at Omega by saying he’s only sticking with NJPW because he wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure of WWE, but Omega disagreed.

Another fan called Kenny Omega out for his comments, saying that they felt his remarks were disrespectful.

The backlash continued as another fan pointed out that WWE superstars don’t seem to be taking any shots at NJPW stars as of late.

The negative responses continued as another fan told Kenny Omega that he’ll only ever be #2 on the #2 show.

Kenny Omega’s words about having AJ Styles and John Cena’s best matches are certainly bold considering how hard both men worked to entertain the fans on Sunday night. But unfortunately we won’t be able to find out if Kenny has what it takes to back his words up unless he finally decides to make the jump to WWE sometime in the future.