kenny omega

Kenny Omega recently wrestled one of the biggest matches of his career a few days ago when he defended the IWGP United States Championship against Chris Jericho at Wrestle Kingdom 12. Even though Omega did manage to pick up the victory against Chris Jericho, Omega took to Twitter to say that there was no clear victor following their battle.

The stars of New Japan Pro Wrestling have been wrapped up in all of the Wrestle Kingdom hype over the past few weeks, and Japan is a country that is clearly loved by Kenny Omega.

That’s why Omega didn’t respond very well to a recent video that was posted by YouTuber Logan Paul which shows him disrespecting the country.

The YouTuber has been getting a lot of negative attention as of late after he posted a video featuring a dead boby from Japan’s “suicide forest.”

Posting video clips of a dead body is controversial without a doubt, but the controversy didn’t end there as Paul posted more videos from his trip to Japan which are causing people to lash out.

A Twitter account called We The Unicorns posted a compilation of some interesting moments from the trip and you can check it out below.

Kenny Omega responded to the video by calling it “try hard comedy” and he posted the following:

Japan has been good to Kenny Omega, so it’s not hard to see why he would want to defend the country.

One way or another Logan Paul might want to think twice before he returns to Japan, or else he could find himself on the receiving end of a One Winged Angel courtesy of Kenny Omega.