kairi sane

Former NXT Women’s Champion Kairi Sane recently announced on Twitter that she has hand, foot and mouth disease, which is a viral infection commonly found in young children.

Below is the translated text from the tweet:

“The fever has gone down, but now my hands, feet and mouth have a mysterious eczema… Ouch you go to the hospital with it? 😱💦(even in the United States, hand, Foot and Mouth Disease) It is a disease that infants under 5 years old have been examined, ←😮👧🏻 why did the virus enter my body by mistake? 🦠 lol”

Symptoms of the illness include fever, sore throat, red, blister-like lesions inside of the mouth, a rash, without itching and loss of appetite.

The infection typically clears up on its own, so hopefully Sane will feel better soon.