cm punk

For weeks now rumors of a new professional wrestling company have been making the rounds on the internet, and some recently filed trademarks suggest that the potential company could be called All Elite Wrestling.

CM Punk recently discussed the rumored promotion during an interview with, and he confirmed that he would at least listen to Cody Rhodes or The Young Bucks if they made him an offer.

“I would always listen. I would listen to them, because just like Dave, I like the Young Bucks. I text with Matt on and off. But business is business. I know Cody was out there in the media saying that an offer was made [for the All In event Sept. 1]. An offer was not made. Calling me up or texting me saying, ‘Hey, if you want to come to the show and do something, we would love that’ is not an offer. That’s not an offer.”

Even though Punk said that he would listen to a potential offer, he still doesn’t seem to have much interest in returning to the world of professional wrestling.

“There’s other things. There’s a couple more loose ends that I’m still trying to tie up to fully absolve me from the world of pro wrestling. I feel like I’ve still been attached to it since the day that I left it and that’s mostly because of fugazi lawyers and such. But we’re wrapping all that up and that’ll come to an end. And once I’m truly free, we can explore the world and just float and hang out. And I can walk my dog and drink coffee and do commentary for Dave Sholler and continue to train at Roufusport. And do all kinds of stuff. I’ve earned it, I’ve paid my dues.”

It’s been years since CM Punk parted ways with WWE, but he still remains one of the hottest topics in the world of professional wrestling.

If this new company does get off the ground then it will be interesting to see if a legitimate offer is made to Punk.