john cena

WWE recently unleashed Southpaw Regional Wrestling on the world, and fans immediately fell in love with the wrestling parody show. John Cena told fans that if they liked what they saw then they should make their voices heard if they wanted to see more, and it looks like new episodes are on the way.

Cena recently appeared on Variety’s Playback podcast, and he confirmed that we haven’t seen the last of Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

“It was a hit. I think there’s a great core audience in the WWE that looks for stuff like that. Yes, they like to see heated rivalries and they love that good vs evil story, but they also have a sense of humor. They’re human beings. And we are essentially laughing at the industry. We are parodying the industry, the way it was, and people enjoy it. Here we are, thirty years removed from that era, and we can now look back and laugh at the way things were done and especially the small time promotions trying to keep up with quote unquote New York when Vince was doing crazy global stuff and everyone else was falling by the wayside, and this was just their crazy last ditch attempts to keep up with the frontrunner. It was really fun, and there’s more on the way. I’m much looking forward to it.”

The WWE Raw roster recently wrapped up the European tour, and now it’s back to the United States for this week’s show.

WWE’s Instagram page recently posted a video of Roman Reigns thanking all the fans who attended events during the tour, and you can check it out below.