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After his match against Roman Reigns at No Mercy, John Cena had a nice moment in the ring. He looked around and thought about what he had just done and what he was going to do next.

Cena didn’t pass the torch to Roman Reigns, because The Big Dog took it. After four Attitude Adjustments, Cena fell to Roman’s mighty spear and that was all she wrote.

After the pay-per-view, John Cena explained how things were changing for him. He said this isn’t goodbye forever and got rather emotional. It seemed like WWE was prepping us for a long absence of Super Cena. The next night on Raw they replayed Cena’s message on Raw Talk to further drive home the point we can’t see him because John Cena won’t be around for a while.

But the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports John Cena will be back much sooner than expected. Cena is scheduled to be at Survivor Series which would mean he only has a month of non-stop work in Hollywood to wrap things up for the annual big-four pay-per-view.

This illustrates a lot of things about the current situation in WWE. First off, they still need John Cena around. His name brings money and puts people in seats regardless of what Roman Reigns tried to pass off as fact during his promos.

It also shows how hard John Cena works. He really doesn’t have any days off at this point and is constantly moving. It’s a wonder he’s able to find the time to do normal things that keep people alive like eating and sleeping. But he carries on and is showing up all over the place. Now it looks like he’ll show up at Survivor Series as well.

This short hiatus from John Cena might also signify there could be a much longer break to come for Big Match John. With all of the options in Hollywood opening up for him, he might very well be faced with an unfortunate dilemma.

But first, John Cena needs to make sure WWE is in good hands before he leaves. That was the driving message behind his program with Roman Reigns and it was all too real.

Whether you think Cena did the job of putting Roman Reigns over enough to succeed is a matter of opinion. But apparently, there’s still work to be done for John Cena because just like Wyclef Jean, Cena’s only going to be Gone Till November.

Okay, just in case we got that song stuck in your head here you go.

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