If you are a fan of classic NWA wrestling and WCW, one of your favorite matches might be War Games. The two-ringed cage gimmick match was extremely popular in its day. But you’ve never seen one on WWE television.

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The closest thing WWE has to the War Games match is Elimination Chamber. That seems to do the trick with only one ring. But, the Elimination Chamber seems to be a monster unique to its own device. There are still fans who are clamoring to see an actual War Games match in WWE.

On a recent episode of Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru, Corney was asked by a fan why WWE never used the popular match concept.

“The War Games I heard because of production. Kevin Dunn or whoever it was said that it was hard to shoot for television, pay-per-view, or whatever. [It was] hard to follow for people. I actually don’t remember truthfully whether Vince has ever mentioned War Games in my presence or not. Cause it’s always just like a thing like: don’t pitch that, we’re not doing that.”

Co-host Brian Last mentioned he had heard a rumor saying Triple H wanted to bring in the War Games concept a few years ago. But it was turned down for production reasons.

“I don’t know […] And I just can’t remember truthfully, it seems to be odd to me that I would have been sitting at [Vince McMahon’s] table for two years and never pitched a War Games to him. And I’m trying to remember if I did and if he gave me a reason why not. It’s just so much stuff. I can’t remember. He apparently don’t like it, or ain’t gonna do it.”

So, there’s your answer. Either War Games would be too hard to produce, or Vince just doesn’t like it. Either of those reasons sounds good enough to us.

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  1. Why has WWE never had a War Games? Because it would be awesome. Vince doesn’t do “awesome”, anymore. WWE is so middle of the road, that they wouldn’t know what to do with it.