This week during the 30th anniversary episode of Monday Night Raw, Hulk Hogan kicked off the show and hyped up the crowd then The Bloodline came out for Tribal Court. Roman Reigns told Philadelphia to acknowledge him before handing the mic to Paul Heyman.

The fans chanted for ECW, so Heyman told them ECW is dead, and he wishes that Sami Zayn was too. Heyman accused Sami Zayn of conspiring against The Tribal Chief with Kevin Owens. Paul Heyman showed a clip of Sami running away while The Usos were being attacked, a clip of Sami hesitating to hit Kevin Owens, a clip of Sami celebrating alone after WarGames, and a clip of Sami bumping into Roman Reigns during a promo. He accused Sami Zayn of assaulting The Tribal Chief then said that Sami is guilty as charged.

Sami got fired up and said that being on trial hurts. He said that his defense is that he has no defense. Reigns didn’t like that answer and he started getting heated. He questioned Sami’s ego and claimed his lack of a defense for himself was a sign of disrespect. Roman called for Solo and Solo stood behind Sami and went to hit Sami with the Samoan Spike, but Jey Uso stopped him.

Jey said no disrespect, but he put together his own footage last night. He showed several clips of Sami Zayn sacrificing himself for members of The Bloodline and several clips of Sami helping The Bloodline win matches. The crowd cheered after the video package as Jey said that it’s all there on film for the whole world to see. Jey said that Sami has shown loyalty to the family, and he loves him like a brother. He encouraged people to throw their ones in the sky if they wanted Sami to stay in The Bloodline, and Jimmy Uso stood then put his one up as the fans chanted “Sami Uso!”

Roman Reigns said as The Tribal Chief and Head of the Table he finds Sami Zayn not guilty. The crowd cheered, but Roman added “for now.” He told Sami to thank Jey because he bought Sami more time. Reigns told Sami to finish out the night then told him to go home because he doesn’t want to see him until the Royal Rumble. The Tribal Chief told Sami Zayn that he has one final test for him at the Royal Rumble before leaving.