alberto del rio

The pro wrestling world is full of larger than life characters and personalities that sometimes go over the line in regards to what is socially acceptable. This is putting the current situation of Alberto Del Rio (El Patron) lightly. He recently had a blow up with Paige that was so volatile there was no keeping the long arm of the law out of the situation.

While this matter of domestic abuse is still an ongoing investigation the evidence that has surfaced so far doesn’t sound good at all.

Jeff Jarrett scheduled a teleconference today to set some matters straight and The Wrestling Observer reported much of what was said.

During the beginning of the teleconference they read a brief statement concerning Alberto’s suspension and said this is the only statement the company will be making about this matter. They asked for no questions to be asked about the suspension either.

Jeff Jarrett said this is an unfortunate incident and he said GFW is “digging into it.” He also commented saying they have asked people with knowledge on how to handle the situation.

During the teleconference Jarrett was asked whether they could edit future broadcasts with Alberto involved like they did when they edited out Hernandez. To which Jarrett replied he wasn’t with TNA when that happened but this is a different situation than what happened with Hernandez because he couldn’t appear on camera.

Jeff went on to say he believed it would further damage the Global Force Wrestling brand if they did edit Alberto out of the broadcasts. He also put over Anthem saying since they took control the company has made “tremendous strides.”

When asked what GFW is going to do about their Global Championship Jeff Jarrett responded by saying he wants to be as transparent as possible and nothing has been decided regarding the Global Championship yet. Jeff also commented saying that the title is far from the most important thing right now.

Jeff Jarrett said he has been in contact with Alberto and his representatives but he didn’t go into any more details other than that.

This is an ongoing story and we will keep you up to date as more information surfaces.