The Hardy Boyz saga rolled on this week on TNA Impact, and the angle reached a whole new level of weird when it comes to Brother Nero.

Broken Matt Hardy came to the ring to verbally abuse Brother Nero, and he told the former Jeff Hardy that he is forcing him to “procure” the TNA Tag Team Titles all by himself. Jeff told Matt that the fans don’t want to see Broken Matt Hardy, they just want things to go back to the way they were.

They were interrupted by Al Snow and The Tribunal who challenged them to a match. The match was accepted, but Matt stood on the outside while Jeff fought alone in the ring.

While Jeff was fighting in the ring Matt Hardy walked over to a fan at ringside who was holding a Jeff Hardy sign. Matt put his forehead to the fan’s forehead and “hypnotized” him.

The fan then ripped his Jeff Hardy sign in half and started screaming, “Delete! Delete! Delete!”

Jeff won the match for his team while Matt was beating down one of The Tribunal members on the outside of the ring with his boot.

After the match Jeff started screaming at Matt and he hit the Twist of Fate on both members of The Tribunal. He continued to scream at Matt and then he hit the Twist of Fate on Al Snow twice.

Jeff set up two tables outside the ring and placed Al Snow on one of them. He threw himself over the top rope then put himself and Al through the table and got back in the ring.

He screamed at Matt Hardy and told him that nobody punishes him but himself. Jeff then climbed to the top rope and did a Swanton Bomb through an empty table outside of the ring.

Jeff then started laughing and Broken Matt Hardy started laughing. Jeff sounded like a mad man as he screamed, “I am Brother Nero!” over and over again as the segment ended.