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Jeff Hardy has always been a fan favorite, but unfortunately fans won’t be seeing the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion for a while. It was recently revealed that Jeff Hardy has been dealing with a torn rotator cuff, and this week Jeff underwent surgery to repair the injury.

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It’s been estimated that Jeff could be out of action between 4-7 months, but luckily the WWE Superstar is already on his road to recovery. Following his shoulder surgery Jeff took to social media to share a photo and let fans know that the healing process has begun.

You can check out the photo below.

Let theHealing begin! . . ! 10-3-2017

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Monday Night Raw won’t be the same without Jeff Hardy, and everyone’s wondering what will become of Matt while the Charismatic Enigma is away.

Matt Hardy certainly isn’t someone who’s short on ideas when it comes to his character, but unfortunately he faced a major setback earlier this year when Impact Wrestling claimed ownership of the Broken Matt Hardy gimmick.

Over the past few months Matt has been teasing the arrival of Woken Matt Hardy, but recently he’s been paired with Jason Jordan on Raw. So we’ll have to wait and see how things play out.

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