jeff hardy

It’s no big secret that Jeff Hardy has had his fair share of problems with the law, and last week he was arrested in Moore County, NC for driving while impaired.

TMZ is now reporting that officers said Jeff Hardy had a bloody nose when he was stopped, and that it was from an earlier fight with his wife.

According to the police report, the Carthage Police Dept. in North Carolina received a tip around 8:40 PM on October 3 about a careless and reckless driver.

The cops found the car parked in front of a liquor store and when Jeff Hardy came out he was carrying a case of beer.

When Jeff got in his car and drove away, cops followed him closely then pulled him over when they noticed him weaving badly in his lane.

After he was stopped the officer notice “what seemed to be dried blood on his nose.” When the cop asked what happened, “The driver advised that him and his wife got into a fight.”

The police report didn’t provide more details about the possible domestic incident.

However, the report notes that Jeff had 2 shots of vodka earlier in the night and admitted to being impaired. Hardy reportedly bombed the field sobriety test and was uncooperative with police when asked for a blood sample or breathalyzer.

EMS was summoned when the officer got a search warrant to draw blood from Hardy.

Jeff Hardy was booked for Driving While Impaired and Driving on a Revoked License. He is not currently being investigated for domestic violence.