james ellsowrth

You never know what will happen when you show up to an indie wrestling event. Plenty of local guys break their backs in the ring and can often display a lot of promise as they fine-tune their skills in hopes for some eventual career elevation. But you also have no idea who you should expect to see either because pro wrestling stars from the past and present could always show up that you’d never expect to see.

Destiny World Wrestling is not only Santino Marella’s promotion in Ontario Canada, but it was also the location of the much-promoted champion vs champion match between Impact Wrestling’s Austin Aries and WWE’s Pete Dunne.

This matchup was hyped up a storm and plenty of people were excited to see it go down during the main event of the evening. But nobody expected to see recently released WWE Superstar James Ellsworth also show up to make it a triple threat match.

The Chinless Wonder took part in the Santino Cobra Cup match earlier in the night and pulled down the win. The Santino Cobra Cup works like a Money In The Bank contract. It is just given that cool name because Marella owns the promotion. There were no actual cobras in the cup.

Even though James Ellsworth made himself at home in the main event of the evening against Austin Aries and Pete Dunne, The Bruiserweight put a stop to Ellsworth’s hopes of walking away as the winner. In the process, James Ellsworth also received an incredibly warm welcome back to indie wrestling.

James Ellsworth told people after his release that the first date he could take indie bookings was February 12th. So if you’re wondering how he pulled this appearance off apparently all he had to do was ask.

Ellsworth sent out a tweet thanking WWE for allowing him to surprise Destiny World Wrestling and make everyone’s night a little bit better, especially Ellsworth’s because he obviously missed performing.