jack swagger

Jack Swagger is a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but in 2017 Swagger decided to part ways with WWE and go out on his own. Shortly after his WWE departure, Swagger teased that he was interested in pursuing MMA, and a few months ago he announced that he signed a deal with Bellator.

The former WWE star has said that he plans to fight multiple times this year, and during a recent interview with Tom Feaheny he said that training has been going well.

“Training has gone really well so far, guys like Rob Radford, Dave Bautista, Josh Rafferty, that’s my team, my family right now. It is a blessing to provide for my family with a living, doing a job I love. It’s an honor.”

Jack Swagger also credited former WWE Champion Batista as someone who has helped him out a lot with the knowledge that he’s passed on to him.

“Anyone who knows Dave knows about the type of person he is. He has had a lot of success, in and out the ring, he is a good guy, he is passing on the knowledge forward. I am thankful to have him on board.”

Stay tuned for official announcements regarding Swagger’s upcoming MMA bouts, and you can check out the full interview below.