young bucks

The Young Bucks are one of the hottest acts in all of professional wrestling right now, and NJPW fans know them well. The Bucks recently faced Roppongi 3K in a tag team match at Wrestle Kingdom 12 at the Tokyo Dome, and NJPW posted a tweet promoting the match on AXS TV.

Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks responded to the tweet by praising the match, and taking a shot at NJPW commentator Josh Barnett by saying that he hopes Barnett doesn’t bury it.

Barnett then responded by saying that he and Jim Ross don’t intend to bury anyone, and they do their best to get everyone over while keeping heel/face dynamics in mind.

This isn’t the first time that Josh Barnett has been criticized for his commentary in NJPW, as Eric Bischoff recently voiced his opinion on Barnett’s commentary skills on Twitter.

One way or another, The Young Bucks love to get a reaction out of people, and that’s exactly what they’ve done here with Josh Barnett.