eric bischoff

Eric Bischoff is one of the most infamous figures in the history of professional wrestling. During the Monday Night Wars he tried to put WWE out of business when he was in charge of WCW, but ultimately he failed and it was WCW that went out of business. Bischoff gracefully accepted defeat and he later became the General Manager of Monday Night Raw.

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Nowadays Eric is working on other projects, but he still finds time to talk wrestling on his podcast. It’s safe to say Bischoff knows a thing or two about the business, and he recently tuned in to New Japan Pro Wrestling AXS for the first time, which features commentary from Jim Ross and Josh Barnett.

While watching the show, Bischoff praised JR’s work on commentary, but he criticized the color commentary.

A fan then informed the former Raw General Manager that Josh Barnett is the man who does color commentary for NJPW on AXS, and Bischoff said that color commentary is not Barnett’s game.

This led and exchange between Bischoff and Barnett where Barnett defended himself, and Bischoff eventually told him that he needs to learn how to take constructive criticism.