jack swagger

It’s been a few years since former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger parted ways with WWE, and since then he’s been focused on his MMA career.

After months of anticipation, Jack Swagger is finally set to make his MMA debut at Bellator 214 on Saturday when he faces J.W. Kiser.

Swagger has been doing a lot of interviews to promote the fight, and he recently told the media that he’s received a lot of support from the pro wrestling world.

“A lot of pro wrestlers don’t get the best receptions. I feel like everybody loves me. What’s not to love. It’s been a very positive reception. I feel like my background definitely has helped. As far as pro wrestlers, everybody from Vince McMahon to Rey Mysterio to Roman Reigns…I feel like I’m a pro fighter so to have that pro wrestling family stand by me and support me has been really, really special.”

Swagger also revealed that while talking about his fight at Bellator 214, Vince McMahon said, “Don’t lose.”

Bellator 214 will air on the Paramount Network on Saturday, January 26 with a start time of 9 PM EST.

H/T Wrestling Inc.