There are several stars on the WWE roster who are currently dealing with injuries, and one Monday Night Raw talent had to miss the historic women’s Royal Rumble match back in January. It was reported that Alicia Fox suffered a broken tailbone while rehearsing the match which prevented her from wrestling at the pay-per-view, but the former WWE Divas Champion recently took to Instagram to hype up her return when she posted a photo with a caption telling fans it’s, “time to get back to business.

🦊🙌🏽✨ time to get back to #business…. #fox #readymode 💕 #foxfancy

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The Usos have been dominating the tag team division on Tuesday nights for quite some time now, and they’re the current SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

The brothers have been receiving a lot of praise ever since they turned heel, not just for their performances in the ring, but also for the work they’ve put in to develop their characters.

The champions recently spoke to The Mirror, and when they were asked how much input they have when it comes to their characters, they noted that at the moment they are putting all of themselves into what fans see on TV.

“That’s all us. I mean it, when you see this whole reinvention, that is every bit of me and my brother. It’s so funny because the ring work has never changed. That’s always been there. Our gear, literally, we wear that outside of the ring. That’s how I dress. Even with the baseball cap, I’m always having a cap on. And I just felt it was me to wear a cap out there. It’s little stuff like that to make us, us. That’s what that was. That’s how people found out we were real and they followed that and they could adapt to that. Everything is us, from the gear to the black and white, baseball caps to the shoes – I wore those same shoes I do when I’m wrestling – I wore them at high school. I wore those same shoes in high school. So when I’m telling you that’s the Usos, that’s the Usos.

As far as our ring music, we was dying to go and hop on that track. We heard John Cena on his entrance music, I remember The Rock being on his entrance music, I just thought that was really cool and added a whole lot more personality to them, personally. So what you see out there, that’s 100% The Usos.”