royal rumble

Every year the Royal Rumble serves as the onramp toward the Road To WrestleMania. With so many amazing stories leading to the Show Of Shows, the annual January WWE pay-per-view usually consists of some pretty intense events. Some people might show up and start rivalries which will be settled at the Grandaddy Of Them All and it looks like one big name could already be in Philly preparing for the event.

It’s not been long since we saw The Undertaker in a WWE ring. He showed up at the Manhattan Center and seemed awkward as he delivered an ominous promo about all the souls who have fallen finally resting in peace. I’ve watched the promo at least twenty times and still can’t fully decipher what he’s trying to say considering the context of the situation.

But maybe things will be made a bit more clear very soon because The Undertaker has been spotted with his wife Michelle McCool in Philadelphia. With the Royal Rumble coming up this could mean any number of things.

This sighting could mean one of three things, or possibly all three things honestly. Either Taker’s doing a spot at the Royal Rumble event, Michelle McCool’s going to be in the Women’s Royal Rumble, or they’re in town to see DMX at the Living Arts Theater.

Let’s hope The Undertaker and Michelle McCool both appear at the Royal Rumble event this year even though it would be epic to also spot them at a DMX concert on Saturday night. In all reality, they could do both. McCool recently mentioned waiting for a call from WWE for a return and The Undertaker’s always rumored to come back around this time every year.

Perhaps there is more to The Undertaker’s story past his loss at WrestleMania 33? He already gave that strange promo at Raw 25, so we can only hope WWE has a plan for The Deadman.