WWE is a global pro wrestling entity at this point and they exist in all shapes and forms. It’s really hard to live out a normal American day at this point without seeing WWE or its influence on society. But as an indie insurrection seems to be brewing like a great rebel rebellion, it seems they have piqued the public’s interest in a big way.

I’m not trying to say WWE is evil like The Empire from Star Wars, but they are enormous and extremely powerful. Not only that but they have a tool the evil Sith Empire didn’t which is extreme monetary value.

When you think about it, the Death Star wasn’t cheap so The Empire had the cash they just needed to switch up their strategy. Imagine Star Wars was instead a movie franchise about Empire talent scouts going out finding powerful Jedis and offering them huge contracts to make them extremely wealthy just so they wouldn’t cause such a stir.

With WWE’s new massive television contracts they have a guaranteed pipeline coming in of $2 billion in the next five years so they can offer big money and also buy out anyone who might present a problem for them. If WWE does this, it would not only create an extremely crowded roster but it would also fire a possible kill shot to the current Rebel uprising on the indie wrestling scene.

It is true there will always be local heroes drawing money in their territory that WWE might have no interest in. But the fact top names might not be around to come in every now and then giving that local hero a rub could eventually cause an overall dwindling of interest.

“WWE now that they’ve got this television deal if they wanted to they could pay $5 million for Kenny Omega,” Bryan Alvarez said on Wrestling Observer Live. “They could pay $8 million for the Young Bucks. They could pay $10 million for Cody Rhodes. Honest to god, I don’t care how much fun anyone is having out there if WWE went to Kenny Omega and they said, ‘dude, $10 million a year. Like I can’t say for sure that he’s going but they probably if they probably if they wanted to hire everybody with a name on the indie scene.”

“Now obviously that’s going to do a real number on the indie scene but I don’t picture them hiring the Rock n Roll Express I don’t picture them hiring everybody and as long as there are promoters out there who are going to give you, the fans what you want to see and WWE is going to continue to give you what they want you to see I think this boom or whatever you call it on the indies, this could last awhile.”

The independent wrestling scene is flourishing and with All In’s massive success already it’s easy to see how some of the best might be yet to come. But you never know when WWE might swoop in and offer some money they can’t refuse. After all, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported WWE was talking to guys under contract with MLW recently so tampering might not even be a concern at this point.

The Young Bucks’ ROH contracts are up in 6 months so All In could very well be a send-off for Nick and Matt Jackson in a manner of speaking. You really never know at this point but they’re certainly enjoying it while they can.

You never know though if everyone could really go all in and ignore The Empire’s money as they continue their path carving out something incredibly special in the pro wrestling landscape.

If you use any portion of the quotes in this article please credit Wrestling Observer Live with a H/T to Still Real To Us for the transcription