Last year’s WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament was pretty wild and full of outstanding action. If you want to refresh your memory on that awesomeness you can give us a click somewhere around here. But with Shawn Michaels’ addition to the events meaning he could be producing some of the matches a lot of people have some high hopes for this set of shows.

Now, this show is even bigger as it looks like WWE is planning a pretty stellar four-way match on the first night which will feature Toni Storm vs Killer Kelly vs Jinny vs Isla Dawn. The winner of that four-way match will get a shot at Shayna Baszler and her NXT Title the next night.

If they decided to book a title change in the UK, it could be a pretty big deal and that title is the only thing keeping Baszler in NXT at this point because if her buddy Ronda Rousey can get a Raw Women’s Title match in her debut singles encounter then anything’s possible for Shayna.

Although it might be unlikely WWE would put the NXT Women’s Title on any of those four right now they’re all certainly good enough to carry the belt.

This match hasn’t been made official by WWE just yet but the Live Nation website for the event is promoting a four-way #1 contender’s match for the NXT Women’s Championship so that might either be a mess-up on Live Nation’s part or from WWE who gave them the information for this match without announcing it yet.

There’s still some time to change things around if they need to because WWE is notorious for switching things around until they get it just right. But Storm, Kelly, Jinny, and Isla Dawn all need to bring it because they will have a lot of eyes on them.

Toni Storm already signed a UK contract with WWE but it would be hard to argue she wouldn’t be a great fit for NXT. Only time will tell if the 22-year-old star ends up winning both matches at Royal Albert Hall and relocates to the United States with some new hardware around her shoulder. I’m sure whoever wins this big four-way match, Shayna Baszler will have plenty to say about them taking her NXT Women’s Title.