Hornswoggle had a long run with WWE, and during his time with the company he was able to accomplish some interesting things, and at one point he was outed as the Anonymous Raw General Manager.

Most fans agree that the Anonymous Raw General Manager storyline went on way too long, and in the end it was a huge letdown. When Hornswoggle was outed the reveal was very anti-climactic, but that’s because things didn’t go as planned.

Originally plans called for Hornswoggle to transform into a mob-boss style character after he was revealed as the Anonymous Raw General Manager. The former WWE star recently spoke to Sports Illustrated and said that if he could do any WWE storyline over, it would be the Anonymous Raw General Manager storyline.

“I would love to do the whole “Anonymous General Manager” storyline again. The way it was supposed to turn out was that I was supposed to be this almost mob-boss style character with this Napoleon complex, throwing his power around while running Raw. Obviously things didn’t work out that way.”

Apparently things didn’t work out because Hornswoggle couldn’t pull off the character. Last summer former WWE writer Kevin Eck went into full detail while talking about the storyline, and he revealed that original plans called for Hornswoggle to become Lou Manfredini.

“The idea was that after Hornswoggle was outed as the GM, he’d reveal who he truly was. Saying that his name was Lou Manfredini (the last name of one of the writers), he would speak with a W.C. Fields-like accent, chomp on cigars and refer to women as ‘dames.'”

“He would say that he hated being the lovable Hornswoggle character, but playing the role was what he had to do to get a job with WWE. Being the anonymous Raw GM gave him the opportunity to mess with all the Superstars that (in his mind) laughed at him because of his size and treated him more like a mascot than a person. We had planned on making Hornswoggle a heel manager going forward. The idea was pitched to Vince, and sure enough, he OK’d it. There was only one problem: Hornswoggle couldn’t pull it off.”

Judging from what you now know about the storyline, do you think it’s better that it fizzled out, or would you have liked to see Hornswoggle play a mob-boss style character?