hideo itami

Hideo Itami is the master of the GTS, but CM Punk is the man that made the move famous when he introduced it to the masses during his time with WWE. Punk put away quite a few opponents with the GTS, but to his credit he never really hide the fact that he got the move from Hideo Itami when he was known as KENTA.

A few years ago during a Twitter exchange with the Young Bucks, the former WWE Champion cracked a little joke about stealing finishers, and Hideo Itami seemed to get a kick out of it.

Now Itami has made another reference to CM Punk’s GTS as he prepares for the next NXT TakeOver event.

Hideo Itami will be challenging Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: Chicago on May 20. As most wrestling fans already know, Chicago is a city that is synonymous with CM Punk, and the Chicago fans are known for their creative chants.

It’s safe to say that if Hideo Itami does manage to hit Bobby Roode with the GTS, the Chicago fans will have something to say about it, and it won’t be surprising at all if they respond with “CM Punk” chants.

However, Itami is out to make the GTS synonymous with his name and he feels that Chicago is the perfect place to use the move.

Who do you think does the move better, CM Punk or Hideo Itami? Sound off in the comments below.