If you’re a WWE fan and you really want to show off to your postman there’s no better way than subscribing to WWE Slam Crate from Loot Crate. Each crate comes in a black box with WWE logos all over it and what’s inside is even more exciting.

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Every two months Slam Crate features an authentic exclusive t-shirt and a bunch more WWE goodness. Their exclusive championship pins are the kind of thing WWE collectors have been clamoring about for decades but they’re only available in Slam Crate. There’s also enough exclusive WWE merchandise to make anyone regret not subscribing to this awesome service.

Each crate costs around $35, even though the cost goes down if you subscribe for more crates. Let’s take a look at what the fine folks at Slam Crate have given us this time around.

Exclusive Sasha Banks Shirt

If you want to prove you’re a boss but don’t want to wear a heavy chain around your neck this shirt is the perfect option for you. With Sasha Banks’ trademark sunglasses on the back anyone will know just how much you support The Boss.

Exclusive nWo Championship Pin

Slam Crate has already included a copy of the big gold belt before and for those who wrote “nWo” on your pin with a Sharpie marker you probably feel foolish right about now. You can relive all of the glory days of rooting for the bad guys when the nWo was in power. These pins are honestly worth the price of Slam Crate on their own due to their value on the secondary market.

New Day Foam Finger

This foam finger comes vacuum sealed, but once you break the seal it comes to life as one of the more unique things WWE has ever given fans to wear on their hands. Tell the world how New Day rocks with this #1 foam finger with a unicorn horn. We’re not breaking the seal though as it looks pretty good on our office wall.

Exclusive Triple H Figure

Slam Crate started including exclusive figures in these crates and they have yet to disappoint. Now Triple H joins the line as the second addition of these awesome detailed figures. The next crate will feature an Undertaker figure and they come with attachments so you can link all of the pieces of the ring together to eventually create one ring full of WWE Superstars. The detail on this thing is sick to say the least.

Exclusive Bray Wyatt Socks

There’s no better way to Follow The Buzzards except when sporting these socks. They are extremely high quality with a crisp image of The Eater Of Worlds on each one. This exclusive addition from Odd Sox is certainly a pleasant surprise. Even though we suggest you keep track of these when you wash them because it would probably be hard to match this sock with a plain white one.

WWE Stables Book

Explore the histories of some of pro wrestling’s most legendary stables with this awesome book. With full colored photographs you can relive some of your favorite moments from wrestling’s most powerful stables time and time again.