Former WWE Superstar Ted DiBiase Jr. recently spoke to the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast about his run with Legacy, Cody Rhodes’ WWE departure and more. You can check out the full episode here along with a few highlights below.

Why Legacy broke up: “They wanted to make Randy a babyface. That is were things could have probably gone different for me, if they would have capitalized on the momentum I had. The crowd was kind of wanting me to turn face. Randy and I did a match where I let him just beat me up, and I shoved him back once, and it exploded. That was probably one of the coolest matches. I didn’t fight back at all. I shoved him as he walked around me and I let him do his creepy faces, and he RKO’d me. We were going to have a match at ‘Mania, and it was going to be a singles match. They were like, well that is not fair, and I think there were some politics there. It would have been weird to just have me and him have a match and not Cody. So, [they decided], we’ll make Randy face and break Legacy up. I don’t know who made that call. I didn’t really agree with it, and wished they would have kept it a little bit longer. Even just me and Cody tagging for a little bit longer, because then they had no idea of what to do with me. All of that build-up, and then the implosion. Me and Cody could have feuded. There could have be a lot better, but all they were worried about was Randy.”

Cody Rhodes leaving WWE: “He has an incredible mind for the business. He loves it. He has more passion for this industry that anybody I know. He constantly, still to this day, watches old tapes. He wanted it so bad, and he would go above and beyond. He would pitch more ideas, and they would be homeruns. He would keep pitching, and [WWE] would turn them down. That’s what is so hard about this industry. Even if you go above and beyond, even if you are capable, it doesn’t matter. It’s not like a sales position, where you are working commission and the more you sell, the more money you make. In this industry, it’s not like that, because you can put in the most time, you can put in the most pitches, you can be the biggest guy, you can have the best mic skills. But if it doesn’t all add up on the right day at the right time, in front of the right person, it will not happen.”

Bobby Roode wrestled at last night’s NXT live event in Indianapolis last night and he teamed up with Samoa Joe and The Revival to take on the team of Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura and American Alpha.

Roode’s team lost the match but before it all went down he made a “glorious” entrance. It looks like “glorious” is going to be his new thing going forward. WWE posted a video of his entrance from the event which features a clip of his new entrance music and you can check it out below.



  1. Seems a bit like a Queen song there. Flash Gordon a bit. Hmmm… have to see it full on to see how it works for me.