It has been rumoured in various WWE circles for a long time now that Finn Balor is set to make him main roster debut soon, but this latest news seems to be the best indication yet that his time is near.

Balor was not present for the the last set of four hour tapings from Full Sail last week meaning that he will not be on NXT for the next four weeks and didn’t appear at Wednesday’s tapings at all. This is thought to be a strong indication that he has finally been given the green light by WWE executives.

Balor and Nakamura had an absolutely incredible collision on NXT last week and it is thought that the match would have been a fantastic way for the former NXT Champion to bow out of the development territory.

Right now these rumours are still in their infancy and there is no direct links to either brand if Balor is set to make his debut as part of the brand split. The one hint that could be clutching at straws could be that Balor has begun wearing blue as part of his ring attire that could be a hint towards his allegiance to Smackdown.

That being said, Finn has always been black and red so maybe he is destined for Raw? Either way, Smackdown are going to be in desperate need of faces for the show to be able to compete with the beast that Raw has been allowed to become over the past few years.

Smackdown has been second to Raw for a very long time, Paul Heyman was the only true person who managed to excel when he was at the helm and he pushed it into something that no one has ever been able to capitalise on.

With general managers set to be announced this week, Daniel Bryan currently being the bookies favourite to be revealed as the new face of the brand. It makes sense that WWE would want to give Smackdown The Demon. Finn could do well on the live Tuesday night show if the likes of AJ Styles and John Cena are drafted over.

The draft is in just four days now and the anticipation is crippling, it is one of the biggest things WWE have unveiled in recent years and it will change the landscape of the company for the next few years at least.

As well as Smackdown being live for the first time in it’s history, the brand will also go back to having it’s own set of pay-per-views and having it’s own spin off where only Smackdown superstars will appear on WWE Main Event.

Raw superstars will then appear on WWE Superstars and that will be the process, much like Velocity used to be for Smackdown and Heat was the chance for many Raw stars to make their mark if they failed to make the main show.

It seems that everything is setting up nicely for WWE ahead of what is set to be a record breaking week next week, with the WWE Championship match on WWE Raw on Monday before the historic WWE Draft taking place on the live episode of Smackdown on Tuesday and then WWE presenting Battleground on Sunday night, it is set to be an incredible week for the WWE Universe.

Many faces both old and new are set to be a part of the WWE draft and it could be said that WWE have managed to keep many of these faces under wraps over the past few weeks with only a few names like Jimmy Wang Yang, Curt Hawkins and Kurt Angle being leaked, which for WWE is actually good going.

It will be interesting to see who these new faces are and how they contribute to Smackdown over the next few weeks, but it will also be interesting to see where Finn Balor ends up, he easily has to be considered as a top ten pick and he is without doubt one of the stars of the future so WWE will have to think wisely when placing him on either brand, but Finn will thrive where ever he is. it will just be incredible to see him on WWE’s main roster. Finally.