The Broken Hardys appeared on WSVN-TV Entertainment recently and spoke on several topics. They didn’t shy away from giving concrete answers either. They were just veiled in the usual Hardy way. They confirm to have spoken to Vince, Triple H, and “everyone who has value” in WWE, so that’s something. Matt was asked who was on their “Deletion List” and The Broken One said Meek Mahan is on the top of his list along with Roman Reigns. He said he’d like to face either SmackDown or Raw Tag Team Champion as well. If we have to pick between the Hardys facing The Club or The Usos, that’s a real toss-up although it’s undeniable SmackDown needs them way more. You can see the interview below.

It appears as though the Hardys might be on their way to WWE very soon and they gave another clear sign of that jump tonight. At Ring Of Honor’s Supercard Of Honor, The Young Bucks captured the ROH Tag Team Championships in a vicious ladder match.

There were plenty of high spots during this contest and both teams took plenty of damage. As you can clearly see below, there were more than enough jaw-dropping moments to go around. Some people are already saying this is a match of the year candidate, and we can’t argue with that. After all, there’s nothing quite like a Hardy ladder match.

Of course, it’s still in the cards that this might not be the Hardy’s only ladder match of the weekend. But then again, those are extremely high hopes because that would mean fans would get what they want for a change.

But one thing is for sure, the Young Bucks finally got some gold back. Nick and Matt Jackson look practically naked without some kind of championship title. It’s kind of become their calling card at this point. Needless to say, this is an exciting time to be a pro wrestling fan.