jeff hardy

When the Hardys came back home during WrestleMania 33, if Camping World Stadium had a roof it would have been blown off. The Hardys invaded a triple threat match ladder match making it a fatal-four-way. Needless to say, the already established participants in the match weren’t expecting this addition to the Raw Tag Team Championship match.

The Hardys won after Jeff Hardy jumped off a 14-foot ladder and smashed Cesaro and Sheamus as they laid on ladders below. Matt was able to climb to the top of the ladder in the middle of the ring and capture the titles.

People were immediately curious how the Hardys would be used in WWE. They had a wonderful Broken gimmick going on, but due to recent legal claims from Impact Wrestling that might have changed things.

WWE Shop already has some Hardy Boyz merchandise available in their store. But it’s not of the Broken variety. They are currently offering a “retro” Hardy Boyz shirt. But, the fact they’re saying it’s a retro shirt might lead some to believe their current incarnation might be a little different. Only time will tell how they’ll be portrayed on screen. But for now, if you want to jump on the Hardy wagon and let WWE know just how much money they’re still worth you have the perfect opportunity.

It’s also not a bad day to buy a t-shirt because WWE’s official shop is offering a buy one t-shirt, get another for $1 sale today.

As we previously stated, the other teams in the triple threat ladder match at WrestleMania 33 weren’t expecting the Hardys. Karl Anderson of The Club jumped on Twitter to announce his frustrations recently. He said it’s time to delete the Hardys. That’s an interesting choice of language especially if Matt and Jeff are no longer broken in WWE.